We discovered that taking care of your skin and hair can be significantly more convenient and easier than using dozens of expensive skincare products, which often end up on your pillowcase. Unlike cotton, silk doesn't absorb moisture or products from your skin.

Our goal is to bring people a product that not only meets expectations but exceeds them. We want to share something that truly works and brings us genuine joy to use. We hope that our silk pillowcases bring you the same level of pleasure and well-being as they do for us.

Why choose Sliip

      100% Mulberry silk 
      Guarantees a luxurious experience.
      Prevents wrinkles 
      Maintains skin elasticity and smoothness.
      Prevents tangling and split ends
      Does not create friction.
      Keeps skin hydrated
      Maintains skin's moisture balance, ensuring smooth and moisturized skin.
      Regulates body temperature
      Provides comfort and well-being.
      Suitable for sensitive skin, as it does not irritate or cause allergic reactions.
      Helps prevent acne
      Keeps skin clean and reduces the possibility of inflammation.
      OEKO-TEX Certified
      No toxic chemicals or dyes used in production
      Doesn't absorb skincare
      Does not absorb skincare products, ensuring their maximum effectiveness and benefits.


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